OptiMax 300XS


Mercury Racing is all about passion for perfection and the pursuit of peak performance, the OptiMax 300XS is no exception. The heart of this beast is 3.2 liter V-6 powerhead featuring a stroked and precision-balanced crankshaft, maximized for power and performance. Mercury's most powerful OptiMax is at home winging anglers to their favorite fishing hot spot or pulling the kids on the tube. With multiple shaft lengths, gearcase styles, and gear ratios, the versatile engine is fit for virtually any application.





Power to Weight

The 3.2 Liter V-6 powerhead features a stroked and balanced crankshaft for an honest 300+ h.p.



Two stage direction fuel injection technology burns fuel more completely for an average of 15% improved fuel economy compared to competitive engines.



multiple shaft lengths and gearcase options fit for virtually any application.



With the world's most powerful production 2-stroke behind you so are your worries; the 300XS is backed by a 2-year factory and 3-year limited corrosion warranty.


Low Emissions

Precise fuel combustion results in smoke-free emissions and clean environment for future generations to enjoy.


Power Supply

Powerful 60-amp alternator provides plenty of juice to power onboard electronics and pump out your favorite tunes.



Propshaft Rated Horsepower (HP / kW) 300 (224kW)
Full Throttle RPM Range: 5400-5800 (20" models 5400-6100)*
Cylinders V-6 (60 degree vee)
Displacement 193 cu. in. (3160cc)
Bore & Stroke in/mm 3.63 x 3.11/ 92 x 79 mm
Fuel Induction System 2-Stage Direct Fuel Injection
Ignition System PCM Digital Inductive
Charging System 60-amp (756 watt) w/Voltage Regulator
Gear Ratio 1.62:1, 1.75:1 (SM), 1.75:1 (TM) or 1.75:1 (FM)
Lubrication System Electronic Multipoint
Recommended Oil Mercury Racing 2-Stroke Oil
Fuel Requirements 91 Octane Minimum (R+M)/2 (96 RON)
Rotation Right or Left-Hand (FM), (SM) Right-hand (TM)
Shaft Length (inches) 20/25/30
Shaft Length (mm) 508/635/762
Weight (lbs / kg) (L) 505 lbs. (229 kg) (XL) 517 lbs. (235 kg) (XXL) 534 lbs. (242 kg)
2-year limited for recreational boating, 3-year limited corrosion, up to 3 years of Mercury Product Protection (MPP) available
  • The heart of the new 300XS "Stroker" is a 3.2 Liter V-6 powerhead featuring a stroked and precision-balanced crankshaft for maximum power and performance. A dampener ensures smooth running throughout the engine operating range. New pistons feature an updated profile and a composite coating for improved wear life. Piston ring life is doubled thanks to a composite chrome coating.

    The exhaust port, combustion chamber and fuel induction designs are direct descendants from our Formula 1 tunnel boat race engine. Airflow through the reed block fuel induction system is enhanced due an enhanced air box design along with thinner reed material and the unique reed shape developed for Formula 1 racing.

    As with the complete line of Mercury Racing OptiMax XS outboards, the 300XS comes with a heavy-duty direct fuel injection air compressor featuring robust maxi-coated mounting brackets and hardware for enhanced compressor durability and reliability.

    • 3.2 Liter V-6 Powerhead features stroked and balanced crankshaft for maximum displacement and performance
    • Extensive R & D result in Formula 1 race based exhaust porting and reed block fuel induction design for top power
    • New combustion chamber design results in engine producing peak power longer at upper end of operating RPM range
    • A unique two-stage direct-injection system atomizes fuel into small, uniform particles, resulting with a complete and instantaneous combustion.
    • Fuel/air mixture is injected into the combustion chamber at 95 psi (15 psi higher fuel/air differential than standard DFI or OptiMax product) for enhanced high rpm running quality.
    • New PCM microprocessor features a 14-pin Deutsch connector harness which incorporates engine ignition and SmartCraft CAN (controller area network) wiring in one connector
    • The SmartCraft Engine Guardian system monitors engine functions for early indications of problems that could lead to engine damage.
    • The 60-amp, belt-driven alternator is the most powerful in its class.
    • Electronic multipoint lubrication system delivers precise amounts of oil where and when it's needed.
    • Acoustically tuned foam cowling wrap and new exhaust bucket design results with quieter engine sound throughout the operating range.
    • Through hull Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) is further reduced on 25″ and 30″ models thanks to the used of softer upper and lower engine mounts.
    • A new exhaust system, along with a foam lined cowl and attenuator for the compressor greatly reduces the operating Dba.
    • 20″, 25″ and 30″ shaft lengths and multiple gearcase options for virtually any application.







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