While known for its stunning lines, beauty is not only skin deep in the 42X; its superlative performance and exceptional rough water handling add to the attraction. The all new 42X has a redesigned hull, specifically developed for its power packages, and a new console to better serve the driver. The boat has been lightened, but without sacrificing its solid feel and excellent vibration-dampening characteristics. The cockpit is deeper, providing more wind and water



Engine Options Include:

Twin Mercury Racing 1550/1350QC4v dual calibration engines with dry sump M8 drives



Once you get in, you'll never want to go back. This is simply the best performing Cigarette ever created, with it's large size that seems to defy physics with its exemplary performance. The 515 is a high-performance masterpiece. Through the engineering of every detail, the performance is superb. The hull has been developed using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) combined with nearly 50 years in performance boat building. The highly efficient, stable, hull combined with the low weight through the use of specialty composites, make for exhilarating speeds. While the speeds are important, what is really special is how it drives while achieving them. The center of gravity is extremely low, improving dynamics in all conditions. Its' optimized running surface, and careful weight distribution, cause the boat to track extremely well and react remarkably to rough conditions.


The Cigarette 515 is longer than the 50' Marauder by 1' 6" and taller by 1' 3", but the bulk of it's increased size comes from beam which is 1' 6" wider. This results in a vessel which is over 30% larger in surface area than its predecessor, and creates a cockpit which allows for six comfortably seated passengers.

Great care was taken in designing the proportions of the vessel which have come out especially beautiful. The Cigarette signature ships curve flows from the bow to the windscreen, through the cabin, and then meets the rear "shoulders" which rise in the aft over the bilge. This signature form lifts the aft of the deck providing cleaner airflow into the bilge from the air intakes and allows the engine hatch to be near flat for a large sun cushion.


Designing the structure of a boat that is fast and dynamic, yet is also manageable to drive and well-behaved in rough water, requires a very rational approach to design. Each material and construction methodology was selected based on a criteria of weight, strength, acoustics, and safety. A combination of carbon-fiber, Kevlar®, and quadaxial E-glass is used to create the ultimate performance boat.

The deck is made of completely carbon fiber, lowering the weight at the highest points of the vessel resulting in a lower center of gravity for the boat.

The hull is a hybrid of carbon-fiber and quadaxial E-glass. The outer structural quadaxial E-glass laminate provides impact resistance and improves the noise, vibration and harshness properties of the hull - making a light boat sound more pleasing to the ear when running through the water. The inner structural carbon-fiber laminate reduces weight and improves strength.

Bulkheads far forward of the longitudinal center of gravity are carbon where the weight reduction matters the most. Then close to the cockpit, quadaxial fiberglass is built up to the same strength and used for better acoustic properties. Idea is to save weight where it makes the most difference, far forward, and then near the cockpit make the boat sound its best by using a material with better acoustic properties - the result is a boat that sounds like a heavy luxury boat, yet performs like the agile light one that it is. The bulkheads are connected to the hull and deck using a hybrid of Kevlar® and E-glass. The Kevlar® component is excellent for durability and toughness, and E-glass component improves the compressive strength.

The engine hatch, air intakes, and seatbacks are constructed using pre-preg exposed-weave carbon-fiber. Besides looking great, these pieces are also extremely light. For example, the air intakes weigh only 4.4-lbs, despite being over 7ft long and 14-inches wide. Because these are parts that are mounted high in the boat, their light weight is also beneficial because it lowers the center of gravity of the boat.

The cabin shell is constructed of lightweight carbon fiber, allowing for a roomy cabin with comfortable seating and large coolers to not cause a dramatic weight penalty.


The 515 has been engineered to revolutionize performance boats and beyond, combining a modern take on the Cigarette tradition with a level of innovation which launches the boat into unexplored territory. Take the exposed-weave carbon-fiber seatbacks, for example, which have a very unique feature of a blacklit Cigarette logo which sits flush with the surface.

The consoles use a "glass-cockpit" dash assembly which recesses 24" touch screen Garmin multifunction displays with GPS and Mercury integration for engine data. The switches are lighted push buttons; IP67 rated for extreme durability. The steering wheel has been made of carbon-fiber, with hand stitched ultra-suede and Cigarette's custom embroidery on the center cap.

Cigarette's famous CNC work has been further developed as well, with new designs and anodization color. Multicolor pieces go through a unique triple-anodization not seen anywhere else.


Each 515 is commissioned custom through Cigarette's Design Center, with a huge scope in personalization to reflect each owners unique identity. Our designers are dedicated to realizing your wishes, as we have done for half a century. The result is turning something special, into something extraordinary.



  • (2) Flush-Mounted 24" High Definition Touch Screen Garmin 8624 Mfds
  • Exposed-Weave Carbon Fiber Bolster Backs With Lighted Logo & Integrated Grab Bar
  • Exposed-Weave Carbon Fiber Engine Hatch & Air Intakes
  • Triple Anodized Billet Aluminum Swim Platform

  • (2) Flush-mounted 24" High Definition Touch Screen Garmin 8624 MFD With Depth Finder
  • Exposed-Weave Carbon Fiber Bolster Backs with Lighted Logo & Integrated Grab Bar
  • Powered Re-designed CNC Machined Billet Bolsters with New Dark Gray Anodization
  • Seating for Six (6)
  • Dinamica Ultra-suede upholstery
  • Mercury Racing Digital Throttles And Shifters
  • Latham Polished Stainless Steel Tilt Helm
  • Push-button IP67 switching
  • 1000-watt JL Audio Marine System with Invisible Installation
  • Cigarette Custom Embroidery (Rear Bench, Bolsters, Hatch)
  • CNC Machined Billet Footrests With EVA Soft Surface For Driver And Passenger
  • CNC Machined Billet Grab Handles On Passenger Console
  • Dash Controlled Battery Switches
  • Soft Deck Flooring
  • Custom Fitted Cockpit & Cabin Carpet
  • Cockpit Cover
  • Dynamic Lighting On Cockpit Gunnels
  • Shore Power
  • Rear Seat Storage Compartments Which May Be Used As Coolers or Dry Storage

  • Comfortable Bench Style Seating
  • Electric Cabin Door With Integrated Steps
  • Dynamic LED Lighting
  • Cigarette Logo Embroidered On Bulkhead Curtain
  • Custom Main Distribution Panel with Hinged Design for Easy Maintenance
  • 5" Mercury Marine VesselView For Engine Information And Diagnostics
  • Two Storage Compartments, Usable as Coolers (Drained)
  • Behind Couch Open Storage Bins for Soft Goods
  • Dock Lines With Logo

  • Aluminum 278-Gallon Capacity Fuel Tanks (2x139 Gal. Tanks)
  • Polished Stainless Steel Tie Bar
  • CNC Machined Mercury Racing Propellers
  • Custom Made Stainless Steel Exhaust Tails With Beauty Rings
  • Polished Stainless Steel High Performance Water Pickup System
  • Custom Upholstered Exposed-Weave Carbon-Fiber Engine Hatch With Cigarette Logo
  • Cockpit Cover With Fasteners
  • Navigation Lights & Stainless Steel Pop-Up Bow Light
  • Stainless Pop-Up Cleats
  • 6" Wind Deflector
  • Stainless Steel Rub Rail
  • Mercury 380s Trim Tabs
  • Anti-Corrosion Mercathode System

  • Cigarette Designed Engine Room Floor Plate With Cigarette Custom Paint
  • Super Sea Strainers With Transparent Lid
  • Fireboy Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • Custom Hand Finished Painted Engine Room
  • LED Engine Room Flood Lights
  • Hydraulic Engine Hatch Lifter With CNC Machined Billet Arm
  • Anodized Engine Room Fender Washers
  • Painted Heavy Duty Engine Mounts
  • Painted Aluminum Battery Boxes And AGM Group 31 Batteries
  • Distributed On Demand Battery Charger
  • Bilge Pumps (2x2000-Gph And 1x500-Gph Secondary Automatic Float Switch).
  • (2) High Output Bilge Blowers

  • World Famous Cigarette Paint Included



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